we believe…

  • work can be productive, lucrative, meaningful, interesting and satisfying.
  • leadership is a natural role which can be developed to be effective, rewarding and a contributor to the greater good.
  • the evolution of good leadership and organizations is important and worthwhile, and lies at the heart of individual and collective productivity and job satisfaction.
  • organizations are capable of bringing out the best in people‚Äôs abilities, to the benefit of individual, organization and community alike.
  • social change, advances in education and increased access to opinion and information have led to transformed expectations of work, democracy, transparency, leadership and organizations.
  • the complexity of production processes, the ways we access information and the channels of communication available have all grown exponentially in recent years, challenging our habits of leadership and organization, and providing new opportunities along the way.
  • these changes demand evolution in our mindset, skills, culture, regulations and structures.
  • yvolv will be at the heart of this evolution, providing innovative, high quality initiatives in the fields of leadership and organizational evolution, through coaching, consultancy, team and organizational development and other input.
  • yvolv will act as a forum for developing ideas, ideals, methods and approaches which stimulate the evolution of good leadership and organizations.